Estate Planning & Probate practice includes pre-death planning and post-death administration of trusts and estates. Probate law also includes all aspects of Probate Court practice, such as conservatorships, guardianships, powers of attorney, and tax planning.

Why Hire Our Firm?

In 2012, the Tennessee Supreme Court wrote that “the probate of a decedent’s will and the administration of a decedent’s estate are among the most complex areas of the law.”  When dealing with any Probate Court case or estate planning, you should hire a lawyer with deep experience in this area of the law and who practices in this area every day. BHAMM has one of the larger and most experienced probate and estate planning practices in Memphis. Our expertise extends to all facets of estate planning, the administration of estates and trusts, all aspects of estate and gift taxation, and Probate Court cases of all types. We have helped hundreds of Mid-South families plan their estates and successfully handled countless Probate Court cases. We are intimately familiar with Tennessee probate law, with local Probate Court practice, and with the preferences of Probate Court judges, and we use our experience to help clients achieve better court outcomes.

Estate Planning & Probate Law Matters We Handle

Our Estate Planning & Probate Law attorneys represent families, trust companies, banks, creditors, trustees, and beneficiaries in all aspects of estate planning and probate law, including:

  • Estate Planning – We advise clients in the disposition of assets, through various planning mechanisms, to accomplish their estate planning goals and minimize taxes.
  • Estate Administration – We routinely help with cases ranging from modest estates to multi-million dollar estates. We not only represent executors and administrators, but also serve in those capacities when asked.
  • Trusts – We draft trusts for various purposes to suit the planning needs of each individual or family. We represent trustees and advise as to the correct administration of trusts. We help institutional trustees and families modify or terminate existing trusts that do not meet present needs or objectives. We also help resolve disagreements between trustees and beneficiaries.
  • Contested Probate Court Cases – We have successfully resolved many types of disputed Probate Court cases, including will contests and lawsuits related to misconduct by an executor, administrator, agent under power of attorney, or other fiduciary.
  • Guardianships for Minors – Our lawyers advise families about Probate Court oversight of a minor child’s assets and medical care, including instances where a minor child inherits money or land.
  • Conservatorships for Adults with Disabilities – Our lawyers assist families in the creation and correct handling of Probate Court oversight of an adult’s assets and medical care, which often involves individuals with dementia and age-related disabilities.
  • Powers of Attorney – We create documents to appoint a family member or other person to assist a competent adult with management of assets and/or medical care.

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