Serving the business community from start-up to the well-established businesses that have led Memphis for generations, BHAMM’s attorneys negotiate and document business relationships and transactions competently and efficiently. Foreseeing and resolving issues at the inception is an endeavor which is exemplified by BHAMM experience and ingenuity.

BHAMM’s attorneys have represented buyers and sellers in the acquisition and sale of businesses, by stock or asset purchases, purchase and sale of significant land, industrial and commercial real estate assets, and the sale and assignment of beneficial interests in partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations.  Artful, readable, and effective drafting is the hallmark of BHAMM documentation, concluded after thoughtful and realistic negotiation.

When factors bring our clients into business disputes, the same team that provides business documentation stands ready to assist BHAMM’s litigators in resolving commercial and business disputes, whether by traditional trial methods or alternative dispute means, including arbitration and mediation. With experience and dedication to the client’s greatest aspirations as to outcome, BHAMM’s lawyers are equally aggressive in counseling its clients as to the ultimate benefit of reasonable dispute settlement, ever mindful of the significant costs of modern litigation. 

Why Hire Our Firm?

In a word, Experience. Whether LLC start-up or established business corporation, the BHAMM team informs its clients about the benefits and limitations of all business entities available, including entity choice, taxation, franchise and excise tax, and liability concerns.  The acquisition of a business or of commercial real estate progresses more smoothly and with lower transaction costs when BHAMM is in charge.

Business & Commercial Transactions That We Handle

BHAMM’s attorneys routinely provide the following services to its clients:

  • Comprehensive Representation of Buyers and Sellers of Businesses and Commercial Real Estate
  • Letters of Intent; Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Choice of Business Entities
  • Business Entity Formation
  • Partnership Agreements/LLC Operating Agreements/Corporation Bylaws
  • Contract Drafting and Negotiation
  • Entity Mergers
  • Business Tax Planning
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Non-Compete Agreements
  • Purchase and Sale of Shareholder, Partner, and Member Interests
  • Commercial Transactions

Contact the BHAMM Attorneys Handling Business & Commercial Transactions

BHAMM is pleased to receive your confidential call at (901) 683-3526 or on-line inquiry through our contact page.